The St Jean Cassien Choral Festival takes place every Spring in and around the Grasse area. Several local choirs participate and perform separately in different communes during the week. The festival culminates in two final concerts in the St Jean Cassien church in Le Tignet.

In 2016 Riviera International Singers were asked to participate in the 11th Festival and the choir performed in the Speracèdes village church and in both of the final concerts in Le Tignet.

Each of the final concerts begins with short performances from some of the individual choirs and in the second half all the choirs combine to sing several classical pieces. One of our tenors, Phil Fisher was asked to perform a solo in one of the pieces sung by the united choirs.

It was an incredible and enriching experience for the choir to have the opportunity to combine with other choirs, for the first time, and perform with an orchestra and experienced soloists and it is possible that the choir may participate in this festival again in the future.


‘Finding your voice on the Riviera’ – an article written by Audrey Stuart, a choir member, and published in the Riviera Reporter in August 2015. Finding your voice on the Riviera

Recent article following our concert in the beautiful Antibes Cathedral in December 2015 in aid of the Antibes Lifeboats…. where we helped raise over 2,500 Euros.

article SNSM


Nice Matin, Antibes Edition, published this photo in early December 2015:

Nice Matin Antibes Edition Dec 2015

Nice Matin published this in 2013:

art nice matin dec 13

During the series of Christmas concerts in Valbonne in 2009, the team from Riviera Life TV came to spend some time with the choir. You can watch the interview here.