What our members say…

Some comments from our singers:

This was my first series of concerts with you all, and my first time singing in a choir in around 27 years! It has been a source of joy for me, I have loved the rehearsals and the performances. Thank you to Sandra for dragging me along, and thank you to everyone for your warm welcome. I have found my voice again, and found new friends too!   (December 2015)

I sing with the choir because I’m always discovering new songs from different eras, from classical to jazz that I couldn’t have found by myself.

Our choir director provides us with MP3 tracks of the different voice parts so we can learn our music at home, in the car or while travelling, which is a huge help.

The main reason I joined the choir was that I wanted to sing and speak in English. But my main problem was that I don’t read music. Fortunately for me, with the RIS there is no need to read music as our choir director puts all the voice parts on an MP3 on the choir website so you can practice at home or elsewhere.

“The choir members are a nice group of people and I appreciate sharing our cultural differences and the humour and kindness which is always in the air at the rehearsals and concerts.”

We enjoy the mixed repertoire –  a challenge, this year Rossini – and music with swing and musicals. We have a lof of fun in the group and the atmosphere is friendly and filled with laughter.

We enjoy the wide range of musical repertoire that our choir director selects and have a lot of fun in the group as the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. We got a very warm welcome from the group and felt as if were part of the choir right after a short audition.